My Very Personal Transformation – What Motivated ME to Finally Lose the Weight

My name is Jenny Grothe, and I have a story. September 2007 I was 170 pounds – my heaviest ever. I’d always been slim. I ate what I wanted, as much as I wanted, when I wanted. I was active throughout my teens and 20’s, but after we adopted our first child, that all slowly […]

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Who Doesn’t LOVE Beef Jerky?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Oberto®. All opinions are entirely my own! So happy to have found you!! With so many copycats we all know you are the original! When was the last time you had beef jerky? I love this stuff. I have fond memories of my dad […]

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LALA Yogurt Smoothies…A Yogurt that’s a GOOD Different

I love yogurt. Man, it’s been a staple in my diet since I was a kid. My mom used to buy them in bulk from Costco, and I’d take one with me every day to school. Yes, believe it or not, Costco DOES date back that far. I am old, I know. As the years […]

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Feeling strong. September 10, 2016 post workout. No idea what I weigh.

Don’t Let the Scale Define You

  The other night I thought of something I wanted to share but just remembered now. I had one of those “a-ha” moments when I woke up the middle of the night to pee. I told myself I wouldn’t forget, but of course, I totally did.  As I sat there I noticed the scale staring […]

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Front Ab Post Leg Extended North Americans 2016

Be Not Ashamed. Own Your Body’s Beautiful Strengths…and Weaknesses!

Be Not Ashamed. Own Your Body’s Strengths.         Today marks one week since I stood on stage at the Pittsburgh North Amercians. It was my 2nd time on stage as a WPD competitor, and my first time on stage at a National show. I was nervous. And scared. And so very excited. […]

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Sleep Monitor Features

Ideas to HELP Your Sleep!

As a Fitness Influencer, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with thousands of women from all over the world because of social media. It’s given all of us a safe place to connect, find like-minded friends, and find answers to questions that we might not get otherwise. Oftentimes women will contact me privately about personal […]

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