Me Before

My Very Personal Transformation – What Motivated ME to Finally Lose the Weight

My name is Jenny Grothe, and I have a story. September 2007 I was 170 pounds – my heaviest ever. I’d always been slim. I ate what I wanted, as much as I wanted, when I wanted. I was active throughout my teens and 20’s, but after we adopted our first child, that all slowly […]

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Me Hiding Behind the Camera

Are You Maintaining Your Health or are You a Slave to Your Diet?

Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post. It seems I always get the urge to write when I am nowhere near my computer. Then by the time I’m home it’s passed. For me writing flows from inspiration. Give me a topic and sometimes I struggle, but if it’s something I’m feeling, it […]

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Dear Self, Don’t be so hard on yourself!

This is a letter to me.  And to you.  To all of us, really.  I’ve gone back and forth this morning on what to write – wondering if I’d actually sit down to do it. I’ve had mixed feelings. I don’t feel like myself. I am tired, weak, and exhausted. This is not a feeling […]

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Cancer Can’t Stop Us From This!

  This cancer thing has been an interesting journey so far. We’ve all been through the ringer with emotions swinging from ultimate low to having some hope leading to discouragement back to hope to exhaustion and finally more hope…again. Anyone who’s been close to someone who’s had stage 4 cancer of any type (I refuse […]

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Fixing Muscle Imbalances and Tightness through Sports Massage Therapy

I am going to make this short and sweet – mostly because it’s a packed day – and I need to keep moving. We all know how easy it is to get sucked in to email and social media. However, I just returned from my first meeting with Erik Brimhall, owner of Premier Bodywork – […]

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Don’t Eliminate Healthy Fats from your Clean Eating Diet!!

Most all of you know I am part of Fitfluential. With being a part of the Fitfluential team I am presented with opportunities from time to time to review and share products I love (and sometimes learn I don’t love). I NEVER apply for campaigns I know I’ll have no interest in or would be […]

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