My Very Personal Transformation – What Motivated ME to Finally Lose the Weight

My name is Jenny Grothe, and I have a story. September 2007 I was 170 pounds – my heaviest ever. I’d always been slim. I ate what I wanted, as much as I wanted, when I wanted. I was active throughout my teens and 20’s, but after we adopted our first child, that all slowly […]

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Feeling strong. September 10, 2016 post workout. No idea what I weigh.

Don’t Let the Scale Define You

  The other night I thought of something I wanted to share but just remembered now. I had one of those “a-ha” moments when I woke up the middle of the night to pee. I told myself I wouldn’t forget, but of course, I totally did.  As I sat there I noticed the scale staring […]

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Front Ab Post Leg Extended North Americans 2016

Be Not Ashamed. Own Your Body’s Beautiful Strengths…and Weaknesses!

Be Not Ashamed. Own Your Body’s Strengths.         Today marks one week since I stood on stage at the Pittsburgh North Amercians. It was my 2nd time on stage as a WPD competitor, and my first time on stage at a National show. I was nervous. And scared. And so very excited. […]

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Sleep Monitor Features

Ideas to HELP Your Sleep!

As a Fitness Influencer, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with thousands of women from all over the world because of social media. It’s given all of us a safe place to connect, find like-minded friends, and find answers to questions that we might not get otherwise. Oftentimes women will contact me privately about personal […]

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The Caution with Phone Filters…and YES, I Use Them

I need to fess up. I’m not 20. Not that I’d really ever want to be 20 again, but I sure wouldn’t mind having that young skin. Nope, the reality is I’m 45…and a half. There were a lot of years I avoided the camera. When I was heavier, I never wanted to be in […]

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Walden Farms

Guilt-Free, Calorie-Free, Carb-Free, Fat-Free Walden Farms’ Products

I shared this review on Instagram (@momma_gal) yesterday, but then realized it would probably be a good one to keep for future reference on the blog. We’re all in search of good “clean-eating” products. I know I am at least.   Everyone has their own interpretation of “clean-eating” during prep. What I allow might not be […]

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