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How do You Define Success?

What is success to you? To me it’s so many different things. Ultimately success is being happy with who I am, having a healthy relationship with my Heavenly Father, and having a strong loving friendship with my family and those I love. Really if everything else were to be taken away, that’s what matters most. […]

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The Discussion that Needs to Happen with my Teenager

Most Sundays I wake up early to weekly plan, update Facebook, and write a post. There are weeks I have too much to say and not enough time. And then there are weeks when I’m at a loss for words – usually when I’m still tired and feeling pretty beat up.  This morning I found […]

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My New Year’s Resolution…to Become Better

Happy New Year! Yep, that’s me. And those are my two kiddos – each bringing the new year in in their own special, very unique to their personality, ways. It’s the new year. 2016. Another year has come and gone. And I’m tempted to set a bunch of goals because that’s what I’ve done every […]

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December 31 2015

Goodbye 2015

This morning I completed my last workout for the 2015 calendar year.  That makes 8 completed years since I started this journey.  8 years that I’ve made a commitment to myself. 8 years that I’ve followed through.  8 years that I haven’t given up. 8 years of ups and downs dealing with pains, injuries, setbacks, […]

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If I Knew Then

Do you ever look back on your life and get carried away in thought? In wondering?  The last 6 weeks I’ve done a lot of that. There are things in my life going on right now I can’t yet share with you, but it has caused me to reflect. Before you start speculating I want […]

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