How to Efficiently Charge E-bikes?

E-bikes seem like something too sci-fi and techy. Yeah, E-bikes are a bit part of the new growing futuristic world however the job it does is basic still very prominent in our day to day life.

Charging the battery on modern Ebike

Basically, we are left with the question that what an E-bike is? So, an E-bike is the abbreviated form of Electric Bike, which comes across zipping in our locality very frequently. It is as similar to a normal bicycle however the thing that makes them different is the integrated electric motor that comes with the frame of a normal bicycle with a rechargeable battery to power the motor.

According to 9Bikes, This not only makes E-bikes a better way to commute to the workplace or other short distant places but also it is a clean form of energy with a very simple concept. It also decreases the human effort that is put into a normal bike.

The E-bike uses the concept of “reuse” thus is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be riffled once over.
On a single charge, an E-bike can travel up to 15 to 25 Km, may also vary based on how much assistance is used by the rider or the variant of the battery.

This brings us to our topic on how to efficiently charge our E-bike so that it can give more of it. Charging an Electric bike usually varies from manufacture to manufacture however there are a few guidelines that go with all of them. An electric bike comes with a battery pack that contains the battery within it. There is a charging slot where you can attach the charging wires which are usually placed in the middle of the battery pack or behind the rider’s seat.

There are a lot of factors to consider when charging and looking to get the most out of an e-bike’s battery and there are many things that you can do to improve its performance and to prolong its lifespan.

E-bikes come with a charger that has the main power supply which consists of two outlets on each one. One is connected to the power source and the other is connected to the E-bike’s charging bay. Most of the E-bikes have LED indicators that turn on the green while it is on a charge although a few have a console that shows up the remaining battery in percentage. On average it takes about 3 to 6 hours for an E-bike’s battery to get fully charged.

Some of the E-bikes come with an additional feature that enables the rider to recharge the battery while it is being ridden. Usually, it is done when you use the brakes and it can extend the range of your battery by 5%-10%. However, this can increase the cost of your electric bike and it can often cause pedaling the e-bike to become more difficult.

Most people use to wait for the battery to fully drain before the next charging, which is completely the wrong method. It is suggested by the manufacturers that it would be best that you recharge the battery before it runs out of power to have some of the battery cells retain their life cycles for longer.

Since E-bikes have come along into fashion and the government and the councils are promoting and spreading awareness about E-bikes as an alternative, it is very easy to find an electric vehicle charging station nowadays. You might come across it several times. So running out of power now no longer stop you as you can charge your E-bike anywhere.

To make the battery go further you firstly need to keep your E-bike in the minimum assistance that would exert less pressure on the battery. The next thing that you can do is use the right gears based on the situation that you are in. Low gears make it easier to move the bike when traveling at lower speeds and higher gears make it easier to move the bike at higher speeds.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the power requirement, on your bike, increases exponentially as you speed up. This means that, while riding at higher speeds, the battery will be drained quicker. A means to counter that would be to select a higher gear and to use a lower assistance setting when traveling quickly.

These guidelines would surely help the battery of your E-bike in the long run and would need only proper maintenance and good care to go further.

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