Meal Planning

 created postIt’s not about eating less but eating smarter.

It’s not about skipping meals but eating consistently every few hours throughout the day.

It’s not about waiting until you’re starved to put something together but planning and prepping ahead.

It’s not about excluding your favorites (whatever they might be) but being sure to include them every now and again to help keep your sanity.

Clean eating is a way of life and it takes time and practice.

Meal-planning can help speed up the journey by giving you the tools, the schedule, and the macros to start right away. I help YOU figure it out.

Now I love nothing more than helping women do what I did. I love coaching women of all ages from all around the world make better meal choices. Through coaching I help women learn and create positive habits that will not only help them grow in to a body they are happy with but maintain it as well.

Proper nutrition isn’t a short-term goal. It’s a lifelong habit that’s better off started now.

For those who know what to do but lack accountability, I can help with that too.
For those who’ve merely forgotten, I’m here to help them remember.
Each month includes 4 custom weekly programs along with a complete shopping list and all the recipes needed. I provide my customers with macros to keep within and supply them with tasty craving-worthy recipes I’ve personally created. And of course I am here. I am your partner, your coach, your friend. Some of my customers reach out daily; others I message to get their updates – whatever works best for you. I meet you where you’re at.
Meal-planning isn’t meant to boring or bland. My goal is two-fold, help women build a sustainable lifelong habit while enjoying the process in the meantime.
Please message me if you are interested in more information. I have 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month packages available, and most likely I can get you started within a couple of weeks.
It’s just a matter of whether you want your journey to start now…
Just ask!


“Jenny’s help with my meal planning was next to none. I am not a cook by any means and her meals were easy to follow and tasted great. Having different meal options that fall within my meal plan have made the world of difference to accomplish my goal!! Thanks Jenny!” -Kellie Brannan

“It’s great to work with someone who I feel comfortable asking all my questions to and I know I’ll get a well thought out answer that addresses my need.” -K M

“Jenny has been incredibly supportive and encouraging. She has been approachable and understanding each time we communicate, I always feel as if she “gets’ what I’m saying and is ready with a solution or word of encouragement. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to use the meal planning service Jenny offers!” -Pam M
“I really enjoyed working with Jenny. She provided me with all the help and guidance to get me started and keep me going. The meals were easy to prepare with a shopping list for the week and step by step method for cooking. If I had any issues with any meals Jenny gave me substitutions and always asked now I was feeling with the plans.” -Laura A
“So far I have loved the meal plan. I look forward to the next one it looks great! It’s a lot of work but my husband has thanked me multiple times during the week for prepping our food. He keeps saying ‘I am so glad we put ourselves first this week!’
I love love love that you have different options for dinner and I a variety. The one difference is that other meal plans have the same thing for dinner every night and it gets boring!!
I can handle the same for most meals but it’s so nice to look forward to a different yummy meal at night.
Recipes have been great so far and some are toddler and husband approved! My husband is not picky he is happy to have dinner. It’s so nice not to have to think about what to make or how much to eat. So far I am super impressed!!
I have been following you for a long time on Facebook and I am impressed with how genuine you are and also that you have been in my shoes before!! You know what it means to struggle with food. You get it!!! ” -Becca R.
“Jenny Rocks my World!
Working with Jenny is amazing. The meal plans are realistic, easy to follow, straightforward AND they come with a shopping list, how great is that!
For me the value and convenience is bar none. I receive a weekly email outlining the plan for the week, what to eat when, the recipes and the shopping list. Come on now, short of a manservant to do the shopping and the prep, then spoon feed me while I’m fanned…. what could be better?
Seriously Jenny works with me weekly and encourages me to stay on track. If something goes sideways and let’s be honest- life can get in the way of our best intentions- she gets me back in focus and on track.
There is no judgement, no tsk tsk’ing, just understanding and let’s get moving in the right direction again.
She gets that, because she’s been there.
I honestly cannot say enough about the recipes. The meals are delicious. Jenny works with you so that if there is an ingredient you don’t like, it won’t be on your meal plan. I haven’t come across a single brussel sprout recipe yet. If something isn’t working or if you have a question about an ingredient you can’t find or wondering about replacing, just ask her! It’s as simple as sending off an email and you will get a response right away. Thank you Jenny! ” -Fiona L.