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Striving for Balance by Choosing the BEST over the Good

Call me sentimental. I’ve been in a state of reflection lately – analyzing what I choose to involve myself in, who I choose to surround myself by, what I allow myself to worry about, and most importantly how I spend my time. Have you ever noticed the more you get involved in “stuff” the more […]

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Me Hiding Behind the Camera

Are You Maintaining Your Health or are You a Slave to Your Diet?

Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post. It seems I always get the urge to write when I am nowhere near my computer. Then by the time I’m home it’s passed. For me writing flows from inspiration. Give me a topic and sometimes I struggle, but if it’s something I’m feeling, it […]

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October 2015

Live a Life with Purpose, Meaning, and No Regret – Starting Today

Live with no regret – starting now. Live a life with purpose. Live a life with meaning. Live a life you choose. That’s how I’m choosing to live my life. It’s been my motto for several years now. However, it wasn’t until the last couple of years that I really embraced it completely – in all […]

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If its Friday, I’m Out and I’m Challenging YOU Too!

I’ve decided it’s time to set a new goal. This one is balance focused. I absolutely love my work – everything from being a Brand Ambassador for FitFluential and INKnBURN, to working and coaching my meal-planning customers, to writing for a few publications and BodyLab, to my current online class with Brave Girl University, to […]

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Valuing my Spiritual and Mental Health

Greg and I This post has nothing to do with physical fitness or physical health. This is better.  Today I am sharing something personal as it pertains to spiritual, mental, and overall health. But before I go in to that, let me first quickly review what’s brought me to this moment. It’s hard for me to […]

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