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My New Year’s Resolution…to Become Better

Happy New Year! Yep, that’s me. And those are my two kiddos – each bringing the new year in in their own special, very unique to their personality, ways. It’s the new year. 2016. Another year has come and gone. And I’m tempted to set a bunch of goals because that’s what I’ve done every […]

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Why Not You

Why NOT You?

If you haven’t noticed by now, I tend to analyze pretty much everything. I am a deep thinker, and I really tune in to how I am feeling. My mind keeps reflecting on the experience I had this past weekend and all the amazing women I met. I love it when women support each other. […]

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An Incredible Journey (Training for the NYC Marathon)

9 more days until New York. Oh my gosh!! It is getting so close. This week marks 15 weeks I’ve been in training. Prior to July I’d hardly ran in months. I rarely ran. I had such a poor experience last time that I literally put off training until absolutely necessary. But I started mid […]

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Don’t Let the World Change BEAUTIFUL You!

Just a thought… Be true to you. Don’t let the world change you, unless it’s for the better. If at any point you start to question your motives, who you are, who you associate with, or how it’s affected your thinking, you might want to reevaluate and re-prioritize. This happened to me. Sometimes we are […]

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My Biggest Fear

…or at least one of. I can think of a handful of other things that would challenge this one, but it’s still a fear of mine nonetheless. I know I come across as being strong. I come across as having unquestionable faith, strength, hope, and drive. I choose to be that person. It doesn’t mean […]

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