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Link to My Transformation

Looking Back 4 Lessons I Learned that Help Me Shed the Weight

Yesterday I shared a picture I hadn’t seen for awhile. I was around 34 and probably around 165 lbs – I’m totally guessing. I was tan, and my hair was bleached. I was wearing frumpy clothes, and Greg and I were both with Dakota as he celebrated advancing to a new rank in karate. I […]

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Me Hiding Behind the Camera

Are You Maintaining Your Health or are You a Slave to Your Diet?

Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post. It seems I always get the urge to write when I am nowhere near my computer. Then by the time I’m home it’s passed. For me writing flows from inspiration. Give me a topic and sometimes I struggle, but if it’s something I’m feeling, it […]

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Don’t Eliminate Healthy Fats from your Clean Eating Diet!!

Most all of you know I am part of Fitfluential. With being a part of the Fitfluential team I am presented with opportunities from time to time to review and share products I love (and sometimes learn I don’t love). I NEVER apply for campaigns I know I’ll have no interest in or would be […]

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Is Your Coach in YOUR Corner?

Is your coach in your corner? I’ve been wanting to write this brief blog post now since last week, but there was always something else I had to do first. Finally, I have a few moments to share some thoughts on this subject. Every time I train with Shane I leave feeling inspired, hopeful, and […]

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Just Start (me 2005)

Just Start!

The other day I read a comment below a picture of my friend, Jessica Wilcox. First of all let me start by saying Jessica has an incredible body. She has worked so ridiculously hard, and the results show. She is extremely commited too the sport of bodybuilding, and her body reflects it. She is absolutely […]

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