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Appreciating More Today

Today I came home from the gym, the post office, and the grocery store, and turned on the TV. For noise. I always do this. Come on, I know some of you do too! Maybe its that I hate being alone. I was fully expecting to get caught up with today’s news. Instead I was […]

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Striving for Balance by Choosing the BEST over the Good

Call me sentimental. I’ve been in a state of reflection lately – analyzing what I choose to involve myself in, who I choose to surround myself by, what I allow myself to worry about, and most importantly how I spend my time. Have you ever noticed the more you get involved in “stuff” the more […]

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The One Thing that Will Help you Live in and Appreciate the Moment

I’ve been called sensitive, sentimental, idealistic, and someone who sees the world through rose colored glasses. I gladly accept all of them. I am all of them. Ultimately I’d like to think I am someone who appreciates life and lives in the moment.  I’ve always loved my family more than anything in the world. Unlike […]

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Hello Fresh. A Quick Review on an Incredible Service

I have been dying to share this post for weeks. I am not kidding. It’s been a long time coming, but I wanted to make sure I really had an opportunity to use the product before I shared my experience with it. I’d heard about Hello Fresh before. There are some companies already out there […]

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January 1 2009 9

A Fun New Company and Some Hard News

I haven’t written for awhile. Sorry about that. It seems that this year is going even more quickly than others – which is how is that even possible? We just celebrated Christmas, and we’re already staring down March. What? Life. I am writing this from my mom and dad’s house. It’s early. I got up […]

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