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Appreciating More Today

Today I came home from the gym, the post office, and the grocery store, and turned on the TV. For noise. I always do this. Come on, I know some of you do too! Maybe its that I hate being alone. I was fully expecting to get caught up with today’s news. Instead I was […]

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How do You Define Success?

What is success to you? To me it’s so many different things. Ultimately success is being happy with who I am, having a healthy relationship with my Heavenly Father, and having a strong loving friendship with my family and those I love. Really if everything else were to be taken away, that’s what matters most. […]

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Proud Mommy

Our Experience with Adoption (After In Vitro)

After investigative surgery, an attempt to fix my Fallopian tubes, and two attempts at In Vitro, we knew it was time to look to other options if we were going to start our family. At the time both Greg and I were 28 and 29 (or maybe 29 and 30 – it’s hard to remember […]

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Finally Competing after Several Rounds of Chemo (a recent email that changed me)

Many of you probably noticed I am selling my bikinis and figure suits. I’ve held on to them for far too long, and it’s time to cut them loose. I’ve got my hands in too many projects these days, and renting suits is one I can let go. So, I posted my suits.  The bikinis […]

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I’ts Been a Hard Week

Today I write after having such an emotional roller coaster of a past month – this last week especially. Life is funny. I can get so wrapped up in my own life – going through the motions – doing what I do – taking care of my family – making sure the kids get off […]

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