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Dear Self, Don’t be so hard on yourself!

This is a letter to me.  And to you.  To all of us, really.  I’ve gone back and forth this morning on what to write – wondering if I’d actually sit down to do it. I’ve had mixed feelings. I don’t feel like myself. I am tired, weak, and exhausted. This is not a feeling […]

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2015-04-11 16.21.16

Promise Me. Don’t EVER Give Up

Today I’m going through my email – reading each and every one.  Some emails are positive – women who are losing weight, dropping bodyfat, and getting in to their old clothes.  Other emails are from women who are entering their first competition, setting goals, and trying new exciting things they wanted to share.  Then there […]

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Just Start (me 2005)

Just Start!

The other day I read a comment below a picture of my friend, Jessica Wilcox. First of all let me start by saying Jessica has an incredible body. She has worked so ridiculously hard, and the results show. She is extremely commited too the sport of bodybuilding, and her body reflects it. She is absolutely […]

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Be Real Not Perfect - Jenny Grothe

You Were Not Born to Be Perfect

You’re not her. You never will be, and quite honestly, you don’t want to be. Why would I say such a thing? You think she is perfect? She’s not. We all have our trials. We all have our challenges. We all have our weaknesses. Even her – the one you are probably comparing yourself to. […]

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Kids Balancing

10 Keys to Balancing Your Life

One major challenge you probably face every day is trying to be everything to everyone. Right now you might be thinking, “Oh no, that’s not me.” But, isn’t it? Think about it for a moment: Another mom calls and asks if you’ll pick-up the kids for carpool. Without thinking you say “yes”. A colleague at […]

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