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Meatless Monday Challenge and Recipe (with Options for Dairy-Free)

Have you ever accepted a Meatless Monday Challenge? Are you ready for one?  I’d never even considered going Meatless for a night until a few weeks ago. Then I was asked to. I hesitated for about a minute, but then I realized that my skipping animal-based protein one night a week was doable – even […]

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7+ Layer Dip

A “Cleaned Up” 7+ Layer Dip

  Did any of you watch the Superbowl yesterday? I’m guessing most of you did! Even I did, and that’s saying something. I grew up North of Seattle, so I was super excited to watch the game (as I was cooking, folding laundry, doing “mom” stuff, you know how it goes). I couldn’t wait though, […]

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Want a Protein Milkshake? Adaptogen TastyWHEY is YUM!

So this was another campaign I was pretty excited to try. I’d heard of Adaptogen, but I hadn’t tried any of their products. If you are in to weight training, you know how important clean quality protein is. Our needs are different than many. Most athletic sports require you to increase your protein intake. As […]

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Special K Brownies

Special K Brownies in 2 NEW Flavors – A SWEET Treat!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a review on Special K’s new Snack Bars. Little did I know at that time they’d also be sending me these yummy treats. Chocolate anything in our house is always welcome. Special K has just released these two flavors – Heavenly Caramel Brownies and Divine Fudge Brownies. Unlike […]

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My Favorite Almond Butter Yogurt Snack

My Favorite Must Try Snack using siggi’s Icelandic Yogurt!

I’m a bit of a health nut. I love to eat healthy, and I’m always looking for new recipes using some of the staples I already have in my house. My secret is I try to recreate simple healthier guilty pleasures. That’s why I’ve created more than 75 oatmeal variations and equally as many entrees […]

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