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A Healthier All-Natural Recovery Drink and a Soda Alternative

I train hard 6 days out of 7 every single week. I train really hard. I train with purpose, and I train with intensity. I don’t half a$$ any of my workouts. For being 46, I think I train pretty darn hard. When I go to the gym, I’m on a mission. My goal is […]

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Supplements Galore at the Vitamin Shoppe!

Have you ever been in a Vitamin Shoppe? Holy cow they are huge. I’ve grown familiar seeing some of their competitors in the mall, but with the growing interest in living and being healthier, we’re starting to see supplement stores pop up as stand-alone retailers, and you know what? I love it. The Vitamin Shoppe […]

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Probiotics Seriously Help my Digestive Health

A few years ago I used to get the worst stomach aches nearly after every time I’d eat. I would feel this pit in my stomach, and oftentimes it would cramp up. No matter how clean I ate or how much water I drank to flush it through, without fail, I’d feel sick to my […]

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