Why Fitness is Important

Physical fitness is the ability to function effectively and efficiently, to enjoy leisure, to be healthy, to resist disease and to cope with the emergency situations. Physical fitness is very really very significant for leading a happy and well-balanced life. Physical fitness is necessary for reducing the risk of heart and lung diseases. Physically fit individuals tend to have lower resting blood pressure. Everyone wants to maintain one’s physical fitness because owning to physical fitness; one can perform the routine work easily. That’s why it is said that physical fitness adds years to one’s life.

Many people remain under the impression that physical fitness is necessary only for sports person because they participate in vigorous activities of sports and games. They are not aware that physical fitness is necessary for a common man. Although physical fitness varies according to the task to be performed, yet a certain level of physical fitness is for a common man too.

Physical fitness is important in the daily activities of walking, running, lifting and carrying. Physical fitness also improves posture and personal appearance. Physical fitness changes our lifestyle or way of life. If we want to lead a healthy life, it is necessary for be physically fit. Doctors indicate that physical fitness maintains muscular tissues, decreases the risk of injury and reduces lower back pain. They also assert that muscular problems usually arise due to lack of physical fitness. Through physical fitness we may remain active. Research studies in the field of physical fitness indicate that the children, who establish physical fitness in early life, are likely to remain active in future.

Physical fitness plays a key role in improving the mental capacity of an individual. Physical fitness tends to enhance the productivity and the quality at work. In fact, the complete efficiency of an individual is enhanced.
A physically fit person can manage stress easily, efficiently and effectively because such a person have positive attitude towards stress. He/she takes stress as a force for motivation.

Research studies show that physically fit persons use the stress advantageously. Such persons can bear the stress due to better health status. They are more resistant to the effect of stress than physically less fit individuals. Along this, owing to physical fitness, a person feels better and looks better. As a matter of fact, physical fitness programme help us in improving the shape and size of our body. Physical fitness helps in beautification of body. By toning the body it enhances the overall appearance. It keeps an individual beautiful and glowing.

It is helpful in keeping healthy mind and healthy body which ultimately boost and enhances self-confidence of an individual. It has also been observed that physically fit individuals are more able to meet the challenges of life. Several studies have proven that physical fitness increases the resistance power against diseases which finally increases the life expectancy. That is why it is said that physical fitness is helpful in postponing the aging process.

So, it can be concluded that physical fitness is necessary for everyone in every walk of life. Its level may vary from a common man to that of an international athlete. The more and more stress should be laid down upon the physical fitness of individuals.

We should never forget that the Battle of Waterloo was won at the playfield of Eton. Only the physical fitness and wellness of people can make a nation strong. Swami Vivekananda also said, “Today we do not need Bhagwat Geeta but football fields.” In fact, he laid stress on physical fitness as well as wellness of our citizens so that they could ameliorate the nation’s honour and prestige.

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